Light and love.

FACIVILTA ‘ association was established in 2012 ….
wave of enthusiasm of the transition from an old to a new cycle.

Its vocation is:
create convivial occasions and affectionate
operators between researchers and curious materials holistic .

These spaces and times were witnesses
the creation of synergies between the various participants.

Today we are ready to meet …
and engage with all our enthusiasm …
to facilitate ROMAAMOR to awaken his true nature.

” The festival of the solutions …
in Roman ottobrate the new cycle

experience of great impact ….. inspired by the evolutionary path
to present an overview of the tools of the new era .

From the trade …… silence.

The route runs from the market , to the body , emotions , artistic expression , from conferences , meditation to end the silence .
In a process of rarefaction and perceived lightness .

Among the current issues :
a round table discussion on the new pedagogy ,
a section dedicated to volunteering and the movement of transition.

We participate all together and show our AMOR.